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A growing number of our clients are law firms which represent national restaurant or hospitality companies. These clients are typically large, full-service firms which need reliable and knowledgeable counsel to handle alcoholic beverage matters in Georgia. We fill that role.

The State of Georgia regulates the alcoholic beverage industry in unique fashion. Along with the State’s laws and regulations, most of Georgia’s cities and counties have adopted ordinances and unwritten policies to govern how alcoholic beverages will be sold within their borders. Applying for (and maintaining) state and local liquor licenses has become a trap for the unwary. An error in judgment, while usually not fatal, could delay a business’s opening for months and could waste thousands of dollars.

We will work closely with your law firm to ensure that the license process is handled efficiently. Our services and fees are flexible. Whatever the arrangement, you are assured that local policies or customs will not torpedo your client’s ability to purvey alcoholic beverages.

If you have questions about Georgia’s licensing or regulating of alcoholic beverages, please call us at 404-659-2880 or contact us online. We welcome the opportunity to help fellow attorneys achieve their clients’ goals.

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